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NEC VoIP Phone System Install

Charlotte Business Phone Systems located in Charlotte NC are skilled at supporting, installing, and servicing NEC business phone systems and have been doing so in the Charlotte area since 1995. Our NEC certifired team will do everything in our power assure you have the best experience when you have configuration changes, maintenance, or need to purchase and install a completely new NEC office phone system in Charllotte NC or surounidng areas. 

NEC Office Phone System, Repair, & Maintenance, Service

WIth NEC SL series system there are less extras to pay for! That means less licenses, less hardware and less options to pay for. The NEC SL2100 PBX also grows with your business making incremental upgrades cost-effective and scalable.

Work smarter (InUC, WebRTC)

InUC allows users to update their presence status so that other users can see if they are out sick, on vacation or at lunch and WebRTC enables collaboration via video conferencing.

NEC PBX Charlotte NC

Head in the clouds?

( Premises-based as opposed to a hosted solution )

With NEC SL2100 reduce or even eliminate recurring monthly subscription costs.

Smartphone Client

Use your existing Smartphone as a system extension complete with call control and video collaboration. Save on mobile call costs from use of Wi-Fi network and remain reachable on a single number with the NEC SL2100.

NEC Small Business Phone Systems 2 line phone


ACD and Contact Center softwareRoutes callers based on pre-established criteria and allows supervisors to monitor agents to ensure superior customer care.

Save on mobile phone charges

UNIVERGE ST500 Smartphone Client and Mobile Extension enable phone system calls via your smartphone.

On-premises mobility

Mobile wireless handsets enable users to stay connected and productive from any location in your building.


Alerts specified users to who dialed 911 once an emergency call is made so that first responders can be routed to the emergency once onsite.

Low IT maintenance requirements

Help keep IT costs down with the NEC phone system a maintenance-free, hassle-free system. And as a truly reliable solution – save on downtime costs and potential lost business.

Built-in Audio Conferencing

Save travel and even hotel costs with easy to use conferencing.

Ask about our 2 line phone system, and Multi Line Phone special!!!

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